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My Little Pony - Small Plush Assortment (18 Count)


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RRP: 6.50

Your price 64.08
In Stock

Exclusive of VAT at 20.0%


Welcome to the world of My Little Pony, a place filled with the magic of friendship! Meet Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack! These special friends always stick together. Join them for adventures and fun! Explore Ponyville, the royal city of Canterlot, and all of Equestria, where kids can be introduced to more pony friends! Imaginative playsets help create the world of My Little Pony at home, while fun pony toys have great features including long, colorful hair for styling and accessories for dress up and play! The TV series, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, extends the adventure for fans of all ages to enjoy.

Assortment varies.

Starlight Glimmer - 5010993395033
Rainbow Dash - 5010993332502
Trixie Lulamoon - 5010993395026
Rarity - 5010993332496
Applejack - 5010993332465
Fluttershy - 5010993332458
Princess Twilight Sparkle - 5010993332472
Pinkie Pie - 5010993332489
Applejack (Mermaid) - 5010993400454
Fluttershy (Mermaid) - 5010993400461
Pinkie Pie (Mermaid) - 5010993400478
Rarity (Mermaid) - 5010993400492
Rainbow Dash (Mermaid) - 5010993400485
Princess Twilight Sparkle (Mermaid) - 5010993400508
Spike the dragon - 5010993395019

Please note due to fluctuations in exchange rate, all prices are subject to change.

Weight:Single unit - Varies / Display - 810g
Dimensions:Single unit - Varies / Display - 26cm x 21cm x 13cm
Barcode:See contents.
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